About us

Kingdom Falconry ltd. was established in July 2019. Since then we have been providing unforgettable falconry experience for groups, families, and individuals. We offer the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of our majestic and awe-inspiring birds of prey: hawks, falcons eagles, and owls. We aim to provide education and entertainment as we interact with these amazing birds of prey.  

Eric is an experienced falconer with over 26 years experience. He is working as a professional falconer since 2012. In this time he has trained and flown a great variety of birds of prey: kestrels, sparrow hawks, red tail hawks, harris hawks, goshawks, saker and peregrine falcons and majestic golden eagle. Along the way he has rehabilitated injured wild birds and released them back to nature. His passion for falconry has inspired him to establish Kingdom Falconry and share his knowledge and insights with you.