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Welcome to Kingdom Falconry!


We are moving our shows and other services to the new facility in Dingle Co Kerry. There will be no shows at Crag Caves any longer this coming season.

More details will be issued shortly. 






 Kingdom Falconry offers you the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of our majestic and awe-  inspiring birds of prey –  hawks, falcons and owls. We aim to provide education and entertainment  as  we interact with  these amazing birds of prey, giving you an  appreciation of  the wonder of the natural world and the place of birds of  prey in  the ecosystem.




Check out this YouTube clip to give you a good idea of what our Flying Displays and Owl Encounters are all about:


Watch our falcons fly and stoop to the lure with amazing dexterity and speed; watch our hawks glide in at close range and be amazed at the grace and soundless motion of our owls and their individual personalities.

Learn fascinating and interesting facts about these raptors and the ancient art of falconry – a craft which goes back thousands of years and which has been recognised by UNESCO as part of our collective intangible cultural heritage.

We also offer you the opportunity to see our birds fly and even hunt game (season permitted) in their natural habitats. Come and see our peregrines – the fastest living creatures on the planet – fly and stoop over open bogs and moorland where they are most at home.